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The best part of being a creative entrepreneur is the opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve gained along the way to grow others. My heart is passionate to educate and inspire those who are looking for professional advice about branding, running a creative business, and/or how to go full-time in your business! My goal is to give the audience easy to understand pieces that hit-home to begin applying to your everyday life and (current/future) business!


Branding In Your Business

Crafted for Business Owners | Approximately 45 minutes long

As a business owner, you’re so busy working IN your business that you don’t put time to work ON your business and how it is being perceived by the public, social media, and most importantly - your customers. Branding is your business’s reputation. Amber will break down the must-knows about branding: What is a brand? How do I stand out from my competition? How to find your WHY and 4-core to begin applying it to your business.

Branding 101 Workshop

Crafted for Business Owners | Approximately 90 minutes long

As a business owner, this is the branding bootcamp you’ve been missing for your business. Learn how to craft a unique, cohesive brand to stand out from the competition.

Chasing Your Side Hustle

Crafted for Designers, Side Hustlers, Dream Chasers | Approximately 45 minutes long

Don’t let the world tell you who you should be or what you should do. Take charge. Listen to your gut. Start making moves toward the dream you’ve always wanted of becoming your own boss one day! Amber will share her personal story of her journey to entrepreneurship, provide tips of what to do/not to do before making the big leap, and how to stay true to yourself the entire time!


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