Branding Questionnaire


Branding Questionnaire

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“This is the best first step to getting out of your own way of your business’s brand.”

As a business owner, we get overwhelmed with all of the costs of running the business, but then worry if we’re even on the right track. Well, I’m here to help you stop worrying and start planning. Before we start our creative process at Copperheart Creative, we give each of our clients this document. We strongly suggest investing in this document BEFORE hiring a brand designer.

This 5-page PDF you will walk you through the business strategy questions to get on the right track to defining your perfect brand.… aka your personal “business gut check” to tune with who you are as a business.

I want this!

This document is perfect for you if…

  • You have a business idea and are eager to start the process of making your dream come to life! You are seeking direction for how to start… meaning you need to see it on paper in black & white so you can stop talking yourself out of the idea & start making $h!t happen!

  • You’ve been DIY’ing your own branding since you started your business. You know your brand is needing a revamp to polish what you’ve started… but just can’t financially pull the trigger right now to hire a professional yet.

  • You are bringing in new employees and/or a business partner. It’s crucial that they align with the morals, brand, and direction of your business… but you’re not sure how to communicate that to others yet.

  • There is a large disconnect between what you offer and what people are saying/coming to your business for… you are desperately craving cohesiveness to correct all of the customer confusion you’re experiencing. You know your services and products… but your customers are still confused… aka your branding is a hot mess.

  • You’re on the verge of franchising or trying to begin the selling of your business so you need structure direction for communicating the brand to prove the value.

  • You’re ready for a change/pivot. After a couple years in business and experiencing mild success… you have lost excitement, vision, and purpose towards the business you created.

To get the most out of this document, we suggest….

  • This should take around 1-2 weeks to complete. We want you to intentionally think, feel, and answer each question as transparent as possible.

  • Print it out as many times as needed. If you’re stuck on a specific question, journal about it. What do I really want to write for this answer? Why is this so hard for me to answer? What am I scared of? Get the tissues ready! Sorry.

  • Remember: You are not helping anyone by writing down what you THINK people want to hear as the answer. You can’t build a unique brand while you’re trying to be like everyone else. Answer them 100% you!! #NoJudgetment

  • Remember: It’s not a test. No one is grading you on this. This document is ONLY to help you and guide the direction of your business!!

  • Fill it out, reread it later, and even pass it to a loved one (or business bestie) to ask how they would answer some of the questions about your business too. Remember, this is your business and you have the final say, but sometimes an extra sounding board is always helpful for insight.

  • If you have a business partner(s), fill this out separately. Then come together, and talk about your answers to make sure you are on the same page with your business. Print out a blank questionnaire, and write out the mutual, end-result answer on a “final” document.

  • Get cozy, set the mood to fill this out in an inspirational environment, and grab a strong drink of choice (coffee, wine, bourbon… whatever!)


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