Girl, if they can do it…
you can totally do it!



The best part of being an entrepreneur is remembering all of the steps of how I got to be where I am today. My journey has consisted of agency job-jumping, building relationships, and soaking in as much knowledge as I possibly could in my industry. Knowledge, experience, and skills that I absolutely LOVE pouring into passionate souls like yourself!

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Why Mentoring?


For me, the best mentors in my life were the people doing what I wanted to be doing, who were only a couple steps ahead of me in the process. I am lucky to be close enough to understand what you’re going through to still relate with your current challenges, struggles, and fears. But also, I am far enough ahead in the process to help guide you through those tricky seasons of life that I just finished conquering.

My passion for mentoring and giving back, pairs perfectly with the demand of all of the talented designers and business owners who are searching for someone who “just gets it”, to be a cheerleader in their corner, and walk through the journey of their creative career with them.

Whether you just graduated, searching for a career change, trying to start a new job in a different state, or are feeling the calling to be your own boss one day… I would love to come along side you and help guide you through this season of life!

Perfect for you if…

  • You feel stuck. You know you want change, but you’re not sure how to navigate all the options, resulting in you feeling paralyzed and stuck where you currently are. You need someone who “gets it” to hold you accountable (aka tough-love) to make that next big, scary jump in your career!

  • You feel unfulfilled. You have a calling and passion to step out on your own journey, but have no idea where to start. What do I do now? Where do I start? Help!

  • You feel lost. Are you exhausted and burnt out from all of the online chatter and resources? You just want a successful Girlboss to stop, listen to what you’re going through, and offer their professional advice that directly helps you.

  • You feel unheard. You’re a go-getter but you have no idea how to communicate with your employer to see the value in your talent and hard work—especially during your review when you’re trying to ask for more money and/or responsibilities.

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Let’s Roll!


  • 5+ years of professional experience and 3+ years of owning a successful business.

  • 1-hour meeting for 1-on-1 time with Amber to ask all of your big, lingering questions to “Level Up” your career.

  • Unlimited emails with Amber for 1-month after our call to answer any questions that pop up, feedback, and/or any additional advice.



Looking to purchase 3 or more sessions for mentoring through a tough season? Please email me directly for a special discounted rate for long-term mentoring.


Please submit your event information on the Speaker Request Form. We will set up a meeting to discuss our conversation topics and booking for your next event.