Hope for Justice

Penh Lenh empowers young women in Cambodia to pursue their life goals through quality education, vocational training, and advanced career opportunities. Every Penh Lenh design is handcrafted by young women whose strength and beauty are reflected in each piece. 

This project was a donation to Hope for Justice.

Jewelry line Branding


I love working with Amber Brannon because I always know she’s going to go above and beyond expectations. She has a fantastic eye for design, great attitude, and is always fun to work with.
— Sarah Hale, Hope for Justice


Additional Logo Concepts


A Heavy Heart

I have designed for this non-profit team for over three years now. The Nashville/USA team was previously Abolition International, until acquired by a global organization, Hope for Justice, to join forces and end human trafficking together. They are now located in the United States, United Kingdom, Cambodia and Norway.

After hearing Natalie Grant, Abolition International’s Founder, speak about how human trafficking is not only a worldwide issue, but one prevalent in our own backyards (Nashville for me), this organization’s mission has been heavy on my heart. I use my talents to help their cause, and you can give too.