Sometimes, you just need some darn good advice.


What is Brand Consulting?

Are you feeling stuck in your business and need advice from a professional? Got a new business idea you want to bring to life but can’t afford a full custom branding experience? Are you going through a big change or pivoting your business and not sure how that will affect your branding? Looking to expand in the near future and want to reflect your branding to help communicate that?

Looking for a good starting point with your branding? Work with Amber for a Brand Consulting Call or Brand Consultation & Audit to make sure that the direction is on the right path.

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Brand Consulting

Schedule a call with our Owner + Creative Director, Amber Brannon. Before the call, fill out our Brand Questionnaire to identify who you are, your goals, and where you are struggling. Together, we will dissect the current state of your business and marketing collateral, and develop actionable steps to help you move your brand in the right direction. Sometimes it takes someone outside of your team to suggest small changes for a BIG impact.

$250 • 1 hour | One-time payment of $250 is due before the call.

Brand Consultation + Audit

Want to take your consultation a step further? Our Audit option includes a 1-hour consultation with our Owner + Creative Director, Amber Brannon, plus a 2-3 page audit PDF with professional design direction. This will give you actionable steps, screenshots, and suggestions for how to visually move your business forward (including tips on social media strategy, and/or business positioning). There are no design services included in the audit. This document will empower you by providing specific advice on how to elevate your current brand today!

$850 • 1 hour | One-time payment of $850 is due before the call.


I want to hire Amber for branding.

If you’re interested in hiring Amber and the Copperheart Creative team to design your full brand identity, please visit our new client inquiry form. We’d love to work with you!

I want graphic design career advice.

If you’re a graphic designer looking for a mentor to help you get to the next level in your career, check out my new Designer “Level Up” Mentoring! I’d love to hear from you.