Hello Beautiful



I am beyond ecstatic to finally say goodbye to the macbook-sourus. We spend 5 long years together. We made it through all of design college, my first big girl jobs and my first couple of big freelance clients. Moments happy and sad, from those "Ah-Ha" moments to some not so happy tears (usually due to the color-wheel and photoshop crashing without saving.... womp womp). We've been through it all. 

BUT - now that I am working remotely and living on my macbook more and more, it was time for an upgrade! Say hello to my "Lightning MacQueen Pro" (see what I did there). Just working on it the past couple of days - I forgot that computers can run this fast and efficient! It has been an interesting adventure learning how to work on a retina display while designing pixel perfect for websites... I'll get the hang of it soon :)  

I found some articles while researching web design on retinas:
Smashing Magazine // Towards Retina Web
Smashing Magazine // A Better Way To Design For Retina
Design Mag // Pixel Perfect Design 

A huge thank you to Uptrending for making this possible :) 
Y'all are the best!