Must Have

So I'm sharing my secrets! There are two websites that I pay for monthly that I could never live without! I highly recommend them to designers! Check em out y'all...


Niice is AWESOME. It is like Pinterest, but only for designers. It saves you from getting distracted by super unhealthy holiday recipes and potential DIY projects that will never see the light of day. It is constantly being updated with the hottest design inspiration. You can make moodboards, share links with coworkers to collaborate and export as a PDF or a jpg for client presentations. 

The best secret is there is a "surprise me" button. Every morning I grab my coffee, read my emails and hit that nifty button about 10-15 times to get my creative brain rollin' for the day! It really will surprise you by populating with the randomest searches: autumn, geometric, playing cards, jungle, heart, war and cubes. AWE-SOME, right?! It is $9/month and it is SO WORTH IT. Go get it! :) 


I give full credit to my brother for finding this gem! I am a firm believer in putting the extra hours into the beginning planning stages of the website process instead of jumping into design. I am HUGE on user experience quality. This tool is fantastic for showing well thought-out responsive wireframes and functionality to clients.

They have a nifty secret too, shhh! After creating a new project, search the smart elements in the sidebar to find already build out sections and pages from popular websites. Designs include blog areas, navigation menus, biography layouts and online shopping cart screens that change the live website's UI to functioning wireframes. Drag and customize. BOOM! This web app is $15/month and it is worth every last penny! 

These are my two favorite but if you have any awesome tools that you use in your process, I would love to hear them!!