The Secret Ingredient For Your Brand


Branding as a solo-female entrepreneur is a whirlwind. It’s about perfectly crafting an experience that makes your target audience feel just the right mixture of emotions AND lets your personality flow into that… oh, AND it needs to be visually appealing.

I’m here to help you build a solid brand, with or without having a large budget for it. I am going to reveal the game-changing secret ingredient that will make your brand stand out. It’s YOU!

Yep, it’s about to get reaaaal personal. Branding your business, and staying on brand, is like a daily personality check. Why personality check, you ask? Because girlfriend, I hate to break it to ya.. but you are your walking brand, everyday. *everyone gasps in awe*

We sometimes have a perfect logo, a solid color palette and want to move forward with expanding a brand, but feel totally lost. This is where your personality comes in. What sets you apart? Who is your audience? Why would someone want to work with you over Joe-Schmoe down the street? But seriously, are you letting your unique personality do it’s job for your business? #deep

Your brand is the way you communicate to others at the grocery store, the way you comment on your friends Instagram posts, the way you dress to visit clients, and yes, even the way you love on others.

Branding is more than having a nice logo, it’s how you treat the people you encounter everyday, because you never know who could be your next client!

I always struggled with my brand until recently when I had a potential client visit my Instagram. He said “Wow, you’ve got a killer brand.” When I asked what he liked about it, his answer changed my perspective on what successful branding really is. He said “I feel like I know you from your positive encouraging Instagram posts. You’re so transparent and full of energy. I want to be friends with you and I definitely want to work with you!” Boom. There it was. Everything I was working to convey in my business was being nailed down simply by letting my personality shine through in my Instagram posts. That’s branding—just being your best, brightest self!

If you’re still struggling to find your direction, I recommend taking this personality quiz and using the words to describe you almost as your core values. As you continue posting online, corresponding via email, and taking client calls, you should always make sure you’re reflecting your core values!

In closing, stay true to your heart, personality and dream clients—and make sure your brand follows suit! If you need help creating the visual part of your brand, connect with me and we'll make magic happen, together!


This was a post that I wrote as a Guest Blogger for SDH Strategy. You can view original post here.

Sarah Hale is the brains and beauty behind SDH Strategy. She a business strategist, brand consultant, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people use their unique influence to make the world a better place.

I have had the honor of knowing Sarah for almost 5 years now as a client, dear friend, and most recently, a business mentor! While I was still working my 9-5 desk job, Sarah would meet with me on Sunday mornings to encourage me to make the jump and that "I could do it!!" Even if I didn't always believe it myself, she was always cheering me on! Thanks, girl!

Now it's my turn to cheer her on! HUGE congratulations to the recent launch of SDH Strategy and Sip+Strategy! If you haven't signed up to do a consultation with Sarah yet, do that here

Pssst... Doesn't her branding rock?! Thanks, I did it! hehe

Devoted Dreamers Podcast Interview

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 3.54.19 PM.png

Listen to episode 32 of The Devoted Dreamers Podcast to hear me talk about how I totally took a leap of faith and jumped out on my own!! I talk a lot about trusting God, my passion for people, my insecurities and struggles as a new business owner annnnd my love for chocolate + coffee.... obviously 🙈🍫☕️ Listen on iTunes or online here :)

Psst, don't you just love the podcast branding and design? Thanks, I did it!! hehe Thanks Merritt for being a kick-butt client and sharing my story with the world!

The Devoted Dreamers Podcast says:

I am he I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you.
— Isaiah 46:4 (NIV)

Amber Brannon is a free spirit, a lover of people and Jesus, and a self-confessed coffee-choc-oholic who wants to unleash stunning design on the world.

She believes in dreaming big, working hard, finding connection and pushing boundaries. I can’t wait for her to share her bold adventure with you, the fears that kept her from it at first and the beautiful story that finally caused her to listen to what God had been whispering in her ear.

If you have ever felt it was too scary to jump into the unknown, this is the episode for you!

Amber talks honestly about the fear and doubts that kept her from following her dream to start her own business. But her passion to serve her clients in a very personal way won out! Now, she “designs with heart for people with heart” through Amber Brannon Design, and she’s even figuring out how to find balance in the midst of being a solopreneur.

Personally, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Amber for her beautiful logo design and branding for The Devoted Dreamers Podcast. Her gifts and design talents have helped me start 2017 off with a bang, and I’m grateful for that! Thanks Amber.

As you listen to all that she has learned so far in her journey to venture out on her own, I hope you’ll be inspired by Amber’s willingness to take a risk when she had no idea what the outcome would be. She chose to trust God instead of the fear and uncertainty and, in the process, it’s grown her faith in Him as well.

PS: Hearing yourself talk on audio is by far the strangest thing.. like ever! But I hope it inspires you... no matter what stage of life you are in right now :)

One Page Love Award

Thank you One Page Love for featuring our Tailspin Brewing Co. website! 

One Pager with a rustic and americana aesthetic for Ohio-based, Tailspin Brewing Co. Nice touch with the fun age verification GIF (if you're not 21) and great to see it's built on WordPress!

A small-town Ohio brewery came to us only wanting a simple place to showcase their current beers on tap... but we knew we could do so much more. We are telling story and giving users an opportunity to get a grasp for the vibe of the brewery before ever stepping foot into it. We did this successfully by featuring photos of their stunning 1933 dairy barn, now made craft brewery and by using a rustic / americana aesthetic. A fun hidden section in the website is if you click that you are under the age of 21, a GIF of an airplane (similar to their Tailspin logo) takes off. Sorry, no drinkie for youuu.