April Blue Homes

April Blue is a market-savvy realtor who not only has an extensive understanding of the greater Nashville area, but is passionate about fulfilling every home buyer's goals and expectations.

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Amber is an incredible designer and I would recommend her to anyone. She takes the time to get to know you, your customers, and your company in order to perfectly brand your organization. I felt like I knew what I wanted my branding to look like, but couldn’t quite articulate it and couldn’t quite show her exactly what I was looking for. She knew exactly the right questions to ask and has such creative vision that she was able to take what I mentally pictured and elevate it to something I couldn’t have imagined myself. I have been continually impressed by her creativity, communication, and prompt service. Her designs are modern and fresh and I’ve had so many compliments on my branding and design from both my competitors and my customers. Amber is simply the best and I would recommend her to anyone looking to set their business apart with her branding, logos and creative vision.”
— April Blue, April Blue Homes



April's brand communicates her goal of always makes sure you feel at ease and well informed in the home buying experience—We successfully communicated this visually by using a trusting cool-tone color palette.