My Story

Hey there! I’m Amber, the founder and creative director behind Copperheart Creative. I am a big-time people person, a lover of beautiful design and a possible coffee-choco-holic.

Born in Germany into an American military family, rural Ohio is where I grew up. You might say all of this contributed to my “military backbone with a small-town heart.”

From coloring on our base-housing walls to masterpieces with my mom’s sewing machine, I’ve always been creative to the core, but it wasn’t ‘til I first laid eyes on Photoshop in high school that I knew design was my future. I graduated as my college salutatorian, moved states away from home, worked for three branding / web agencies in Nashville, Tennessee and Palo Alto, California.

I am a dreamer, a doer, a lover of people, and a seeker. And to me, that's the makeup of a great creative: dream big, work hard, find connections, and push boundaries. With these characteristics and a push from God, I quit my 9-5 desk agency job in September 2016 to start my business. I couldn’t find my dream job, so I had to create it. Years of agency experience gave me a passion for the work I’m doing today. Now I get the opportunity to serve clients with heart and connect people through amazing design!

I’m honored to be listed among the Top 10 Designers in Tennessee, but I know I can’t do it all alone. The best lesson I’ve learned in business is to hire talented people who complement my skills. That’s how this team of trusted partners, who pride themselves in their talents, reputation and work product, came to be.

At the end of the work day, my heart is full when I can close my laptop with every task crossed off my to-do list and still have time left for margaritas, snuggles with my tall, dark & handsome man, or a solid sweat at kickboxing! Until closing time, I’m over here working away to serve our clients, fully embracing the daily Nike attire, my beyond-tall height and goofy personality. Thanks for stopping by!



Looking for your perfect design team?

Copperheart Creative is currently accepting new clients, both near and far, big and small. We would love to be your creative partner and create your branding or custom web design for your business!



Looking for a speaker?

Interested in having Amber Brannon speak to your group? Her story is inspiring for anyone creative or not, educating the importance of cohesive branding, telling your story, and having a business with heart.



Looking for a trusted design consultant?

As a branding and web design professional, I love to partner with large design agencies and internal marketing teams to help brands create beautiful, effective design for themselves and their clients. 



From international non-profits to neighborhood retail shops, I love new adventures by partnering with your business!