Small-town girl.
Big-time people person.



Meet Amber

Born in Germany into an American military family, rural Ohio is where I grew up. You might say all of this contributed to my “military backbone with a small-town heart.” 

From coloring on our base-housing walls to masterpieces with my mom’s sewing machine, I’ve always been creative to the core, but it wasn’t ‘til I first laid eyes on Photoshop in high school that I knew design was my future. I graduated as my college salutatorian, moved states away from home, worked for three branding / web agencies in Nashville, Tennessee and Palo Alto, California.

I am a dreamer, a doer, a lover of people, and a seeker. And to me, that's the makeup of a great creative: dream big, work hard, find connections, and push boundaries.

With these characteristics and a push from God, I quit my 9-5 desk agency job in September 2016 to start my business. I couldn’t find my dream job, so I had to create it. Years of agency experience gave me a passion for the work I’m doing today, but nothing could've prepared me enough for the huge jump into the unknown of creating a business.

Flash forward to today, now I get the opportunity to serve clients with heart and connect people through amazing design! I’m honored to be listed among the Top 10 Designers in Tennessee, but I knew I couldn't do it all alone.

The best lesson I’ve learned as a business owner is to hire talented people who complement my skills. Through my years of agency experience, I was connected to some of the most talented creatives across the country. Rare creatives, who just like me, pride themselves in their industry reputation, growing their craft, and providing quality of work — no matter what the circumstances. We partnered together to work virtually, and seamlessly like an agency — but with the flexibility of a digital nomad. They are my "dream team", and we are Copperheart Creative!

So until closing time, I’ll be over here working away to serve our wonderful clients, soaking up all of the quality time with my fiancé, and fully embracing the daily Nike attire, my beyond-tall height, and sunshine-filled personality.

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